Hi, I'm Johnny! I like things!

You can’t just kick me out of the house for the third time, tell me that “we shouldn’t be together”, and go around saying that I dumped you because I didn’t want to get back together.

A Thousand

We sat there
In the same room
Long enough for
Us to wonder
If just maybe
The thousand glances
We shared
Could turn into
A thousand hellos
And a thousand hellos into
A thousand kisses

A thousand thoughts
A thousand tries
A thousand attempts
At a smile in front
Of a mirror
Talking to you
Has only become
A thousand times

A thousand times
Of anything I do
Will never amount
To you
Whose efforts
Ten thousand
A thousand
Moments ago

On the
Thousand and
One moment,
Will be the last
Of a thousand glances
And the start
Of a thousand hellos

And a thousand kisses